2013 Summer Semester

icon-future-foodSTUDIO | Future of food
Professor: Susanna Hertich

We looked into the potential future of food in a world where the taste of strawberries comes from wood shavings. We explored ways in which design can contribute to the discussion about the future of food by imaging how products, services, and tools would be tomorrow. Each group worked on a special concept, which had a scientific research as a background, and they built on top of that information their whole project. The results were amazing, very different and from many different points of views. Go to the projects!>

icon-web-design2D WEB DESIGN | Portfolio
Professor: Diego Vasquez

In this class, everybody was supposed to work on their own online portfolio. The process for designing it consisted in two stages: sketching and developing. The sketches were brought to class to get feedback. After getting the comments to improve, we started to develop them by getting acquainted with CMS platforms. Go to the projects!>

icon-flex-screen3D PRODUCT | Flexscreen+Farbfest
Professor: Uwe Gellert

The students created different uses for a product assembled in a factory in Dresden: the flex screen. After that, the task was to start working for the Farbfest of the Bauhaus, coming up with ideas and finding out solutions for its realization in during the autumn.
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4D FILM | Film festival trailer
Professor: Angela Zumpe

The goal of the class was to create an identity and a trailer for an independent film festival of a country in particular. We shared this class with the German Master students, who were in charge of creating the trailer for the Schnongs Film Festival. Go to the projects!>

icon-cultural-studies-foodDESIGN THEORY | Cultural studies
Professor: Sandra Giegler

Food was also the main topic in this class, but with a different point of view. All of the students were split into groups for two main tasks through a lottery. Each group had a country to work on. The first task was to present the country’s food; the second was to design something for their country’s cuisine, which was based on the results got from the first task. Go to the projects!>

PHOTOGRAPHY | Reduction to max
Professor: Klaus Pollmeier

We reviewed and discussed photos which fit the concept: to bring the small worlds that sometimes go unperceived to something visible. In groups or individually, we worked on our ideas about this topic. Go to the projects!>

icon-future-scenariosWORKSHOP | Future Scenarios
Professor: Moritz Gekeler

The idea was to introduce a special method to help us imagine the concepts related to future, specifically future of hunger in the world. It was a teamwork project and in the end we created one persona, one company, and one country, which we thought they would fit to the 3 pessimistic, optimistic and normal scenarios that we created for our imaginative future.

icon-typography-workshopWORKSHOP | Typography
Professors: Chris Dune, Phil Eastwood

We created a book full of collages and experimental compositions using all kind of materials. In just two days, the students from the master focused on a fast production process in phases where unexpected design results were achieved.
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EXCURSION | Amsterdam
Professors: Joachim Krausse, Sandra Giegler, Uwe Gellert

We had an amazing trip to the Netherlands. A lot of museums and heritages were visited. For this excursion, each person was responsible for a short presentation in front of the museum before the group visit. We had also the task of finding a particular detail that attracted us from the city, either an object or a costume or a tradition to talk about it afterwards on a presentation. Go to the post!