The whole story was started from the moment I was talking with Sandra Giegler to write a lecture about the concept of Prestige, which came to my mind during the Product Design class with Professor Gellert. So I told her that I had some questions about this concept in my mind and I think it had good potential to be written as a paper, I asked her for recommendations of places where I could publish my ideas and she told me, “what about a blog?!”

So I decided to start a blog named MAIDINDESSAU, which shows what is happening in our international design world while we study the Master of Arts in Integrated Design at the Hochschule Anhalt in Dessau, Germany. We are now 19 people of almost 15 countries from around the globe, we think together, talk together, eat together and design. The results are fantastic. You will be able to see a small piece of it through this blog.

I should thank Dahcia Hong and Linda Kühne who helped me to start the blog.
I am looking forward for your comments, ideas and inspirations.

Zahra H.A.Beigi, March 2013

Created by Carolina Woortmann.
Created by Carolina Woortmann.

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