Skill-Exchange Workshops

img_5937During last year one of the best items that we recognized was how to use the qualities and skills of each member of the team in the best way. It was obvious that each of us has different skills and abilities. So we planed to perform a week of workshops and each day one of the students held one based on his interests and capabilities. The workshops were as follows:

  • Diana Giraldo: Some jewelry design techniques with metal
  • Carolina Woortmann Lima: Freestyle bookbinding
  • Zahra Beigi: Illustration technique with ink
  • Ivana Bojović: Puppet building for stop motion
  • Linda Kühne: After effect basics, Knitting
  • Luiz Gustavo Neiva Lara: Music
  • Leonardo Peñaranda: Maya basics
  • Eszter Nagy: Some drawing and sketching skills
  • Brian Chen: How to sketch with markers

The out comes were interesting and the participants were satisfied. In the pictures you can feel the atmosphere a bit.


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