2015 Summer Semester

icon-toolboxSTUDIO | Social Impact Design – Tool Kit
Professor: Prof. Mark Kwami

For decades, design has been hijacked to feed consumerism with trendy, often short-life-cycle products. How can design return to its roots of a more problem-solving oriented approach, allowing it to contribute to resolving some of these challenges? How can design contribute to the development of a new value-system that shifts from a monetary/profit-oriented focus to a social impact oriented focus?

icon-reformation-crossmedial2D | Reformation Crossmedial: Storytelling in the Web and in Public Space
Professor: Prof. Severin Wucher

Our elective focused on the cross-medial and spatial communication of stories on the subject of ‘Reformation’. We will develop the information architecture and the screen design for a cross-medial web-based platform and design the scenography of its spatial representation. Thus, this elective covers 2d, 3d, and 4d aspects which can be elaborated in teams or individually. We are looking forward to getting substantial support by a journalist and theologist of renowned EJS—Evangelische Journalistenschule Berlin (School of Journalism of the Evangelical Church in Germany).

icon-kandinsky-blue3D | “Kandinsky’s Collective Blue” – Bauhaus festival September 2015
Professor: Uwe Gellert

If we widen the idea of collectivity like sharing, depending, influencing, working with joined forces, synchronizing etc., we – product/industrial/technical designers – may want to put some thoughts into some kind of abstract objects – like kinematic devices. These little machines will individually work some movements or other little robotic magic, but will be part of a “collective” theme or even be able to connect, to feed or support another object of your pal students. Completely dyed in blue, they will represent the once cool aesthetics of industry.

icon-luther-rules4D | Luther Rules
Professor: Hermann Klöckner

Through public/urban interventions, we strive to investigate the invisible bounds of society. Our interventions target places / situations, that will be re-contextualised through our projects. We will aim to supercharge everyday places with hidden stories and surprising reinterpretations. In situ, we encourage a new perception and a new doing.

icon-photographyss14PHOTOGRAPHY | Understanding Photography
Professor: Klaus Pollmeier

In our course we will review a deeper insight into photographic communication from various perspectives. Depending on our individual interests, theoretical and practical aspects of the media will be researched and applied.

icon-material-labMATERIAL LAB | Bio Structures
Professor: Lola Güldenberg

Together we created experimental set-ups and got to know microscopy, LED-technologies or even high-tech or hydroponic farming. We put together material samples and sketch product applications. The choice of digital design technology was free. It was all about developing new design principles, material approaches and joining technology.

icon-ecofabrikECOLOGY | Eco-Fabrik
Professor: Andreas Bergmann

How to design sustainable products on a holistic basis? Eco-Fabrik is conducting research on the leading and misleading tracks of sustainable design and provides an answer to an increasing ecological awareness among consumers. By means of creative experiments with natural fibers and bioplastics, we wanted to define individual aesthetic standards for environmentally friendly and pollutant-free products. Furthermore, we explored the potentials of low-tech production methods, as a mixture of self-developed handcrafted and automated fabrication. By doing so, we as designers are reclaiming control over sustainability of our creations, and suggesting alternatives to waste of resources and industrialized manufacturing techniques.

FILM | Fear
Professor: Angela Zumpe

According to the MA Project entitled “German Angst”, we want to join in with your ideas, what could be FEAR in different cultural contexts. Short films will help to discover more about the subject. This could be interviews, videoportraits, moodpieces… all filmic technics are allowed.

WORKSHOP | Metaplan
Professor: Hansjörg Mauch

Our Metaplan course will be divided into 3 stages: leading discourses, moderation and dramaturgy development; in each stage, we will review and take to practice topics like visualizing proper train of thoughts and learning and exercising interaction techniques, to involve participants in discussions.

icon-excursionWORKSHOP | Venice Biennale (Excursion)
Professor: Brigitte Hartwig

During our stay in Venice, we will find out the intersections with us as communication designers and the developing field of Social Design. What material, symbolic or aesthetic, political or social acts will be produced in this dialectical field of references to give shape to an exhibition which refuses confinement within the boundaries of conventional display models?

icon-typography-workshopWORKSHOP | Type Design
Professor: Gerald Christ

Let it grow! We will design our own typeface based on forms and systems that are connected to growth and transformation.



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