Dessau Design Schau 2015

The Dessau Design Schau 2015 took place on January 31st from 10:00 to 16:00 hours. This is a special day for Design students at the HS Anhalt, because we all have the opportunity to show our semester work in an open day for visitors from all around Germany (and sometimes other countries!). All the Design buildings in campus have different activities and exhibitions focusing on the majors of communication design (2D), product design (3D) and media design (4D), which show the university’s main aim of having an integrated design program. Under the slogan “short and sweet“, short presentations of students give an overview of the content and subjects of the classes we take.
Here you can see some impressions of what happened in several places of the campus.

To participate in the Dessau Design Schau was something huge for us. This was the first time in which we could open our ears to constructive comments from people who didn’t know anything about our projects, giving us the proper feedback to build a better Design understanding.

Studio - Future of Travel 4D - Aided by AI

The projects that we exhibited were from the Studio (topic: Future of travel), 4D (topic: Aided by Artificial Intelligence) and the Sustainability Expertise at our lovely Building 04. Click on the icons to see the projects in detail! ­čÖé

Additionally, being inspired by our experience travelling to Barcelona, Clara, our named culinary leader of the generation, cooked tapas and chicken wraps for the guests. Along with Priscila ad Guilherme, the food stand was a complete success.

In general, the Design Schau left us a very good experience because it was not about showing the projects by itself, but planning the way to exhibit by making up a good storytelling. For complementing our exhibition, we designed some postcards for the visitors to have a better understanding of our projects.

Here are some pictures with impressions of what happened in our building that day.


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