Clara Cristina Rêgo

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Clara Cristina Rêgo is a designer from Brasília, Brazil. Good vibes and a large smile are her signature. Graduated in Product and Graphic Design from University of Brasília in 2014, she’s curious, persistent and a good listener.

Clara has worked in many different companies, such as Oni Branding & Design, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, di.natives AG. During her graduation, Clara also had volunteer experiences working for the junior company Lamparina Design and for AIESEC Brasília. She also worked in a German startup, Aberklar, where she was responsible for the user experience, interaction and interface of an app.

Regarding design, Clara enjoys the journey of creating “something”, it doesn’t matter if it’s a chair, a poster, a service, an experience. The designer’s way to frame and reframe the challenge, the constant learning, as well as the ability to connect dots, people, ideas and resources are the things that she finds fascinating about design.

On her her free time, Clara likes to paint watercolors, dance – in a non-professional way –, sing – also in a non-professional way –, travel and tell stories.

As a MAID student, her goal is to get involved in new challenges and enrich her cultural background by living outside Brazil and interact on a daily basis with people from all over the world. Ah, und sie will auch Deutsch lernen 😀