Daniela Chavarría Aguilar

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Daniela Chavarría Aguilar is from Turrialba, Costa Rica. She is an industrial designer by profession, but a life-learner by heart. She loves nature, outdoor activities, baking, books, dogs, coffee and a good laugh.

She has experience in the fields of visual communication, e-Learning course design, business presentation design, strategic coaching and leadership, and design training.
She has also done voluntary work with children and teenagers, developing life and team-building skills with games in summer camps and weekly courses.

Exploring all types of new design trends is one of her diversions, especially if they are related to strategic design, innovation, design thinking, education, user experience and productivity.

In the Integrated Design master, she wishes to explore this topics further, as well to develop her knowledge in some other areas of design she isn’t very familiar with.