Dessau Design Schau 2016

Dessau Design Schau is the annual open day (Tag der offenen Tür) of the Dessau Department of Design of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. Held this year on 30 January 2016, projects ranging from communication design (2D), product design (3D), and media or time-based design (4D) were exhibited for the public to be inspired from.

Of course, the MAID students joined in the occasion and displayed some of their semester projects from the past Summer and Winter Semesters at Buildings 1, 3, and 4, with projects ranging from graphic design, service design, photography, video, and fine art.

The MAID projects that were presented were:

  • Integrated Studio: Ageing Population
  • Elective Module 2D: cut ‘n’ remix
  • Elective Module 3D: Kandinsky’s Collective Blue – Bauhaus festival 2015
  • Elective Module 3D: Welcome
  • Design Theory: Dessau 2025
  • Expertise Fine Arts: Foreign
  • Expertise Film: Fear
  • Expertise Photography
  • Expertise Typography: Inventory of Failure
  • Compact Week Critical Design: Toxic Food

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