Summer Semester 2016 Welcome

Spring has finally arrived, and with it comes a new semester bringing new students from all over the world.

For this Summer Semester in 2016, 20 students from the Americas (Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the United States) and Asia (India, Indonesia, and South Korea) joined the MAID family on the first day of the semester (6 April 2016) at Seminar Room 208. Present to greet them were the students of 2015 Summer and Winter Semesters, the MAID faculty and staff, and guest lecturers for the Expertise Compact Week courses.

Prof. Uwe Gellert welcoming the new students.
Prof. Uwe Gellert welcoming the new students.

During the orientation, the students were introduced to the courses offered during the semester, their lecturers and professors, as well as the MAID staff. Prof. Uwe Gellert also gave the students a hint to as where the next MAID excursion will be.

After the orientation, a get-together lunch was organized by the MAID 2015 Winter Semester students as a welcome gift for their new classmates at the Studio Room 206: on the menu were various dishes and delicacies from their countries alongside German Bratwurst and bread, with beer and non-alcoholic drinks served as well.

The welcome lunch was also participated by MAID students from the 2015 Summer Semester as well as the German Master students from the MA Intermediales Design program.


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