Expertise Compact Week, Summer 2016

One week, one big project: From April 25 to April 29, the MAID students, alongside their counterparts from the German MA Intermediales Design program, took part in one of the three different expertise workshops: Editorial Photography, Design Thinking / Social Innovation and Content Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations.

During the course of the week students worked on a short intensive program with the goal of experimentation through research.

Markus Seewald led the Editorial Photography workshop. The topic of “risk” was their main focus. First, the participants learned how magazines and newspapers chose which photographs to use for a particular story. Later, students selected or took photographs in order to illuminate stories that were supported in the topic of choice: illegal activity, nature, life-changing events, and war. They also designed and printed a magazine, entitled “RISK.”

Sasha Wolff was the lecturer for the Design Thinking/Social Innovation workshop. where students were encouraged to analyze a socially relevant challenge chosen by themselves. Themes like “trash,” “communication” and “community” were explored. For the final presentation, the teams presented their solutions and told their experiences with the design thinking process.

In the Content Marketing for Non-Profit Organisations workshop led by Katharina Kirch, students were challenged to create storytelling campaigns or innovative content for Amnesty international Germany. Their focus was in the awareness for the need of reception and protection of refugees in Germany.

By the end of the week, students showed their heartwarming ideas at Building 01 Room 303; present to witness the presentations were everyone from both programs and some students from the BA Design program as well.


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