“MAID IT!” Final Presentations

07 14-003
Students, professors, and visitors crowded the Building 04 foyer to witness the student presentations

After countless days and (sleepless) nights of prepping and finishing our projects throughout the semester, the MAID students of Summer Semester 2016 finally presented their works on 14 July 2016 at Building 04. Entitled “MAID IT!”, the presentations showcased the projects of  the MAID and MA Intermediales Design students that they painstakenly worked throughout the semester.

Present for the occasion was the dean of the Dessau Department of Design, Prof. Nicolai Neubert, faculty, and other schoolmates from the Design Department and the Department of Architecture, Facility Management, and Geoinformation (AFG).

The mini-exhibition started at around 12:30 PM with a short welcome from Prof. Neubert. Natalia Garcez was the master of ceremonies and guided the participants to the various spaces, which started with at the building’s foyer with the 3D Elective Module (Machine Design) and 2D Elective Module (Brain Food) projects on show.

Sam explaining some of the students’ work for the Expertise: Photography class.

The group then moved upstairs and checked out the Expertise module projects from the Editorial Design (The Edges of Layouts) and Photography classes.

Afterwards, the audience sat inside Room 208 where the 4D Expertise Module (Talking about Risk and Fear) and Expertise Module “Interactive Infographics” projects were presented.

Finally, the presentations ended at Room 113 downstairs, where the Studio projects were presented by all groups.

The presentations were also on display the day after, during the “Campus Fest 2016” festivities, which was the Open Day (Tag der offenen Tür) of the Hochschule Anhalt, Campus Dessau and of the AFG Department.



Special thanks to Latika Nehra and Sam Sanchez for the photos.


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