Winter Semester 2016 Welcome

“Welcome MAID Winter Semester 2016,” made by the Summer Semester students

Nine new students from across the world were welcomed by the MAID department at Building 4, Room 208. Present to greet them are this semester’s course professors and lecturers, and MAID students from the previous two semesters.


The orientation started at 1:00 PM, with Prof. Uwe Gellert introducing the new students to the program. He, alongside with Prof. Carmen Luippold, will be this semester’s Studio lecturers, the topic of which is “Air, Wind, Breath.”

This year’s batch of lecturers for the Expertise and Elective courses come from and outside the University.

For this semester’s Expertise Compact Week, students will have the chance to pick from one of five courses: Workshop Design, Visual Storytelling, Text Publishing and Linguistics, Book Publishing, and an excursion throughout Germany.

The orientation was then followed by a get-together lunch at Room 206, also known as the Studio or “the Living Room” by the MAIDs. 2016 Summer Semester students prepared the dishes, which are local delicacies from their home countries, alongside alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


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