Dessau Design Schau 2017: Impressions and photos


Dessau Design Schau is the annual open day and public exhibitions of the Dessau Department of Design, of which the MAID program is a part of. Hundreds of guests from the city of Dessau-Roßlau and beyond came into Seminarplatz near the Bauhaus to take a look into the latest student-made projects and works from the bachelor to the international master programs, ranging from graphic design to interactive design projects.

The exhibitions were made at Buildings 01, 03, 04, and the department’s rooms and labs at the Bauhaus buildings. An open tour to all workshops of the department was also available for the attendees to join, and prospective applicants came as well to have their works reviewed by our professors, in preparation for their formal application within the semester break.

This year’s contributions from the MAID program came from the studio project “air wind breath,” as well as their expertise projects for the courses Design Didactics, Project Refinement, and Photography. Most of their works were found at Building 04 (Bill-Haus), which also hosted Prof. Bernd Hennig’s final project “FACES,” which he made alongside his students from 2011 until 2017 under his 2D basic module class.

Several MAIDs participated in the kurz & gut student presentations, which (as the name suggests in German) were short presentations made to present a multitude of works from the Department of Design students. Their works were from the Project APPollon 4D elective course by Prof. Hermann Klöckner; these students were Anna Clark and Hector Daniel Vargas (Permacyclopedia), Andrea Cuellar, Mazin Ali, and Adrian Ramos (Caméya), Clara Cristina Rego and Latika Nehra (The Daily Karma), Elena Penni and Jessica Luque (Sonaura), and Mohamed Ali Ghouila (Wheel Way)

Snacks such as cupcakes, popcorn, and Brazilian brigadeiro were also served for the visitors, alongside hot and cold beverages.

Here are some more impressions of the day’s activities:

The MAID studio projects were presented at the Foyer of Building 04…
…while Prof. Bernd Hennig’s FACES exhibition can be seen on the other side
Gado and Juan talk with Prof. Bernd Hennig about their project
Hector shows how to use their project “Zephyr” to Design Didactics lecturer Jördis Dörner
Prof. Uwe Gellert looks at “Fi’s Academy for Superheroes”
A visitor take a photograph of “Fi’s Academy for Superheroes”
Elena tries out one the studio projects of Pablo‘s group
More faces…
Fine art work by the BA Design students
Glasswork and pottery by the BA Design students for their exhibition “Adieu!,” “Prost!,” and “Serienjunkies”
Student work for the 3D course “Der Comic-Held” (The Comic Heroes)
The Design Department’s 3D printers were also made available for the public to use throughout the day
Sketches and mockups by the students
Some of the graphic design products presented during the ADC Festival 2016 in Hamburg
Design is not pleasant artistic practice, instead it is responsible and playful inter-discipline. Since the Bauhaus period, design is the intersection between beautiful and practical, thought and action, naturalness and artificiality, the arts and technology, people and humanity, men to machines, the “could be” and the “will be,” the obvious and the immediate, and the visionary and the pragmatic. This design is from Dessau.

More about this year’s Design Schau (in German) on the Fachbereich Design website:

Special thanks to the kurz & gut presenters, Imam Ridwan and Tasneem Al-Omari, and to the team of Daniela Chavarria Aguilar, Anna Clark, and Clara Cristina Rego for the snacks.

Photos by Sam Sanchez and Estefania Eid.


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