Thesis Presentations, Winter Semester 2016-2017

Eight of our MAIDs presented their thesis projects on 08 February 2017 at Building 04, Rooms 114, 206, and 208. With projects ranging from graphic to speculative design, their works showcased the Dessau Model of Design education alongside their personal skills, passions, and interests as integrated designers.


The day’s proceedings started at 09:45 AM with Muhammad Hammad and his project entitled “Discovering the visual culture of Pakistan”, an exhaustive review of traditional and current Pakistani graphic design trends, and the envisioning of a design council that could help maintain and enrich its uniqueness. His advisers were Prof. Uwe Gellert and Sandra Giegler, MA.


The attendees moved to Room 208 for Alejandra Arango‘s part-workshop-part-presentation of her work “Making Sense of Conversations in [design] groups”, which looked into how designers can use conversations for their work. Her advisers were Sandra Giegler, MA. and Prof. Carmen Luippold.


The attendees then returned to Room 114 for Sam Sanchez‘ presentation entitled “Through the Viewfinder”, a part-theoretical part-practical analysis of documentary photography, graphic design, and visual storytelling, producing a didactical framework. He has Prof. Rochus Hartmann and Dipl. Ing. Klaus Pollmeier as advisers.


“Mnemostreets: when the smart city dreams” by Liana Lessa started the afternoon session. Her project featured a short film that described her vision of an interconnected system of smart devices, software, and interaction surfaces that could help people remember memories. Her advisers were Prof. Hermann Klöckner and Prof. Carmen Luippold.


Afterwards, Kushtrim Hamzaj presented his plans for a new method of reading and showing poetry online, taking advantage of mobile devices, through his project “Poetry & New Media – Rethinking poetry in our digital age”. His advisers were Prof. Hermann Klöckner and Prof. Bernd Hennig.


Young Brazilian girls were the focus of Natalia Garcez‘ thesis entitled “Design for Equity. Early childhood education towards gender equality”, which sought to improve and empower their lives through simple, straightforward, and fun education tools that are reproducible and tailor-made for the Brazilian context. As such, she had a local professor, Paloma Valls Guedes, work alongside Sandra Giegler, MA, as her advisers.


The day ended with Pan Wenwen and her “Chat – The Garden of Language”. Taking from her experiences of learning German as a foreigner, she developed a learning space through the public garden where foreigners and Germans alike can learn and improve their language skills together as they work for their plants. Sandra Giegler, MA. and Alexander Davidson were her advisers.

02 16-3.jpg

Last but not the least, on 16 February 2017, Livins Varghese presented his project “Reincarnation of Vintage Audio Era” with his startup company Reinc – a company for upcycling and refubishing vintage audio equipment, born out of his passion for vintage electronic equipment and his love for music. His advisers were Prof. Uwe Gellert and Prof. Mark Kwami.

Photographs by Latika Nehra and Sam Sanchez.


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