Summer Semester 2017 Welcome


The MAID family welcomed its new members on 5 April 2017 at Building 4, Room 208. Second and third semester MAIDs, lecturers for this semester’s courses, and the MAID office staff were present for the occasion. The orientation commenced at 10:00 AM, with Prof. Uwe Gellert leading the event.


He had to start, however, on a sombre note. Just after the previous semester thesis presentations and graduation, one of the MAIDs of that graduating batch, Liana Lessa, suddenly passed away weeks after returning home to Brazil. For many in the MAID family and throughout the Design Department, this was a sudden and unexpected loss. As a memorial tribute to her, Prof. Gellert and Liana’s thesis adviser, Prof. Hermann Klöckner, gave short but meaningful eulogies. Prof. Gellert gave a description of her life as a MAID in Dessau and presented some of her projects, including her project with Ghazal Tabandeh entitled “Inner Shadow” and several of her Bauhaus Fest works. Prof. Klöckner reminded those present to keep Liana’s academic spirit alive, especially her master thesis project, her collaborations with Bauhaus Dessau Foundation and Dessau Department of Design for the Bauhaus Fest, and her eagerness to always keep moving forward.

After the eulogies, Prof. Gellert shifted tone and warmly welcomed the new and returning students and introduced them to each of their lecturers for this semester.




There are several changes for this summer semester. First was a change of schedule, as the expertise courses, previously given as a biweekly course throughout the duration of the lecture months, will now be held only during the duration of the two Compact Weeks. That meant that the students will only have three lecture days, giving them more time to concentrate on their long-term and semester projects.




The two Compact Weeks will be held on 18-21 April and on 29 May – 3 June. Courses offered on the first week include product modelling, architectural photography, and editorial design, while the later week will offer courses in product design for physically-challenged people, a kitchen laboratory, social impact design, and filmmaking.


Another change was the number of elective courses offered: there will be now four courses, with Klaus Pollmeier’s Expertise: Photography class turned into an elective. His class, entitled “What’s next?,” discusses about the future of photography in the post-smartphone era.


Finally, this semester will see a tandem Studio course, jointly held by Profs. Klöckner and Alejandro Lecuna. Called “On the other side,” each lecturer will discuss a particular aspect of division in the context of today’s global sociopolitical climate: Prof. Klöckner’s class will go into “Escaping the Echo Chamber” while Prof. Lecuna’s part (aptly named “The Wall”) will be about physical barriers and divisions.

A complete list of all courses offered in Summer Semester 2017 can be viewed here.

After the academic introduction, Sandra Giegler and Nadine Tamler of the MAID office gave the new students an intro in the administrative side of being a MAID student. Afterwards, Laura Castiblanco and several of the second-semester MAIDs gave a walking tour of the whole Dessau campus – from the MAID building (Bill-Haus) to the Lyceum (Building 01), the workshops at Building 03, and of course the Bauhaus.




Finally, everyone got together in Room 206, the Studio or “Living Room” as it is known, for lunch and acquaintance. There, they introduced themselves and taught each other some useful or catchy words and phrases from their home country. On the menu were delicacies made by the second semester students.


Photos by Sam Sanchez.


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