2018 Summer Semester

icon-2dss14STUDIO | Hello Guest!
Professor: Prof. Brigitte Hartwig & Prof. Mark Kwami

The University has a guest house that is located only 2 min from the Bauhaus, in the Hardenbergstraße 12. Nothing had been done here for years and the rooms are not particularly attractive and definitely not fitting for a design University. The good news is that, the 16 rooms in the guest house will gradually be renovated in the coming months.

This is both an opportunity and a challenge for us, to show the world visiting us here in “Bauhaus City” how we as designers define a warm welcome!

Due to the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus in 2019 and the new Museum to be built in the city centre, Dessau will be expecting many more visitors to the city in the coming years. 
We want to develop a unique lodging experience on the University campus.

Goal will be to develop a convincing concept for the interior decoration of the new Guest House as well as the service and communication design. These should also take inspiration or fit into the context of the campus and the neighbouring Bauhaus but also explore the future of hotel design. Concepts are to be visualized in different media – from 3-D mock-ups, visual presentations, VR etc. The project is to be wrapped up with a professional presentation and pitch-event.

2D | Bauhaus Futures: Designing Meaningful Communities
Professor: Prof. Severin Wucher / Bianca Herlo

We all know that design doesn’t only solve problems—it also can cause severe problems, when it acts too short-sighted. Preparing the Bauhaus celebrations 2019, Dessau Department of Design is pushing the boundaries of what we consider to be ‘Integrated Design’.
We see the set-up of communities as well as the empowerment of individuals as major fields for designers of transformation processes. Within the international research framework of “The Future of Bauhaus”, we will develop first services and case studies around setting up Meaningful Communities, based on the needs and potentials of individuals. Selected student projects will be part in an international exhibition which will be travelling around Germany and Israel in 2019.

The Elective is part of the international “BauNow” collaboration between Bezalel University Jerusalem (Design research) and Anhalt University Dessau (departments of Design and Architecture), but also welcoming students who don’t to the BauNow workshop series in Israel and Germany.

icon-curatorial3D | BAUHAUS Festival 2018
Professor: Prof. Uwe Gellert

BAUHAUS festival 2018

The annual Bauhaus festival calls again for attention! As usual at the end of the summer our students have the chance to take part in a quite rewarding Dessau speciality. With the topic of – literally translated – “yellow angled” the foundation asks for contributions and the presentation of installations, interventions, activities – preferably together with the audience.
We will dig deep into the festivals motto and create new and surprising approaches about the yellow color and its urge to bend and fold, collapse, guide and confuse …

a good cup of coffee – enjoyed responsible.

In cooperation with Sandra’s theory class and the Campus Café we will develop the most functional and practical cups and plates and the corresponding system to handle e.g. deposit and return etc. to avoid the disposable use of paper cups.


icon-excursionss144D | The BAUHAUS Seasons: Augmenting Utopia
Professor: Prof. Hermann Klöckner

Capturing the Bauhaus Spirit and Transferring it into the 21th Century. Using Artistic and experimental expressions, We will use AR to speculate about possible Futures of the Bauhaus City. Along the Main visitor path ways, we will Entourage and provoke visitors to see modern futures with different eyes.
The App we are going to develop is planned to be rolled out and provide an alternative City Guide for the Bauhaus Anniversary Celebration of 2019.
Special attention will be given to symbiosis with nature and its impact on modernism: challenging the fact / artifact border, systemic thinking and acting.
#thinkModern #doModern #modernDenken #modernMachen


icon-cameraFILM | What does Modernism mean to you?
Professor: Prof. Angela Zumpe

With the tool of shortfilm or a concept for videoprojection, we are looking what modernism means today in design, art or every day life. What are the challenges for young filmmakers in times of Internet and Youtube? Also you will have a look on the meaning of Bauhaus / Modernism in your country. At Bauhaus film never played a big role, like architecture or design. Nevertheless there are modern approaches in avantgarde film in the 20iest, influenced by russian contructivism, like “Sieg über die Sonne” von Alexej Krutschonych (victory over the sun). The first total work of art influenced even Schlemmer. The emmigrated Bauhaus artists continued their experiments in media at Black Mountain College in USA.Today we use crossover in media and film self-evidentally – sampling f.e. in essayfilms, or even in advertisement. But only few realize the origin in avantgarde- (1920ies) and experimental film (1960ies) – youtube and musicclip uses also a lot of filmic strategies out of that.


icon-kandinsky-blueAdvanced Modelmaking | BAUHAUS Characters
Professor: Prof. Katja Thoring

The Bauhaus presents itself with a distinct color palette and language of form. Think of Oskar Schlemmer’s theater costumes or the paintings of Wassily Kandinsky. In this Expertise workshop we will explore this visual vocabulary of the Bauhaus and create new characters for today’s everyday life: could be the Bauhaus garden gnome, the Bauhaus easter bunny, or the Bauhaus paperweight. You will learn the entire designerly modelmaking process, from first sketches to mockups in clay, and finally to manually create a carved and milled shape in polyurethane rigid foam. Also the graphic design of the painted figure is part of the exercise. As a result you will create an object that might become the souvenir of next year’s Bauhaus 100 anniversary.


icon-2dEditorial Design | Book Branding
Professor: Magdalena Jajte

“Print is dead” people often say, even though it is not true at all. A movement has come up that strongly shifts towards the analog media. As people begin to value physicially owning things in our fleeting digital society, look and – more importantly – feel, they need more attention. This is why knowing how to create unique high quality books is crucial for designers nowadays.

This workshop will impart basic knowledge about book conception and design in terms of structure, layout and typography as well as target-oriented brand positioning of a book and its presentation. The students will come up with a thematic book concept which shall be reasoned by research concerning the ideas and visual appearences of already existing books and – desirably – a few fully designed spreads. The knowledge aquired in this course can be helpful for designing a thesis documentation and creating a draft for its layout or other book projects.A collaboration with the print workshops of Hochschule Anhalt in terms of learning fabrication techniques is imaginable but not yet confirmed.


icon-web-designInformation Design | From necessary to desire
Professor: Maria Thiele

You will gain insights into the basics and practical techniques of information design that are currently relevant in the context of professional design work. To develop and sketch concepts for modern data visualization of digital projects such as social media, websites or apps.


icon-typography-workshopTYPOGRAPHY | Type Design 
Professor: Leonhardt

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icon-4dWORKSHOP | Ceramics 3D Printing
Professor: Alexander Jentsch

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icon-socialdesign-ws12Peer Teaching | Design your own workshop!
Professor: Jördis Dörner

In this course you will learn to plan, run and evaluate a workshop. This expertise focuses on finding and defining a target audience, how to structure a workshop and to choose suitable methods and techniques. You will get a lot of practical experiences by working on a workshop of your own choice.


icon-photographyss14PHOTOGRAPHY | Between Bauhaus & Train Station
Professor: Klaus Pollmeier

What does it mean to study at a place like Hochschule Anhalt? We will together decipher this and translate it into snaps of pictures that tells a story about our university and what it really mean to study as a student in this location.


icon-metaplanss14Design Theory | Dessau Campus Cup
Professor: Sandra Giegler, MA

This semester we will have a look at the theory behind the creation of a successful product. To make it more precise, we will learn about customer needs assessment strategies in order to support the birth of a real product: the “Dessau Campus Cup“.

We will learn how to assess the context, how to ask the right questions, how to analyze the answers, how to evaluate ideas and concepts and how to successfully pick the right solution that meets both the needs of the end consumer and the vendor.

icon-theoryss14Design Theory | Researching Design and Designing Research
Professor: Prof. Dr. Michael Hohl

Learning to design is not achieved through reading books. Traditionally students learn in a very practical and applied manner, engaging projects with empathy, skill and ingenuity. The design studio model consists of the learners collaboratively working in small groups, organized around projects of simulated practice. It is not about applying theoretical knowledge to practical problems. Instead students are asked to act before they know what they need to be doing or learning. It is a hands-on and bottom-up learning approach in which feedback is provided by an experienced designer. Thus, the design process is one of making, reflecting and learning. The design process is a research process, a learning journey. What is the experience of that?

In this seminar we will examine how designing is a research based activity and how designers might create new knowledge. For this we will be critically looking at different texts about design and designing. These texts explore themes such as practice-based research, “wicked” problems, models of the design process, design methods, design semiotics & semantics, gender design, transition design, critical design, and others.
The goal of this course is to help attendees to develop an understanding of what constitutes research in design, and get an overview of the more advanced themes in design theory, but also to inform and frame their own design projects.