Expertise Compact Week | Summer 2018

An exciting week for the MAID students. From 3rd May to 9th May, the MAID students took part in one of the three different expertise workshops: Information Design, Advanced Modelmaking & Book Branding.

During the course of the week students worked on a short intensive project depending on the topic choosen.

32169422_1719408021487165_4361308206962573312_oProf. Katja Thoring lead the Advanced Model-making course with the theme “Bauhaus Character”. Here the students learn through the entire design process of modelmaking, from first sketches to mockups in clay form, and finally to manually carve the character our from the polyurethane rigid foam. The character designs are based on Bauhaus inspired character or style the student picked and researched on.


One of the Bauhaus inspired character designed by Cansu Kipirdi


Banafsheh Namiranian explaining about her Bauhaus-inspired character design.

32169326_1719408351487132_4769995588085219328_oMaria Thiele from Visual Kama Studio teaches the Information Design course. Her course goes with the theme “From Necessary to Desire”. Students gain insights into the basics and practical techniques of information design that are currently relevant in the context of professional design work. Maria picked “Ocean” as the global theme, where students can do select their own topic, research on the topic, and translate the complex data into a digestible visual graphic for the public.

Jonathan Edward explaining his infographic about Aquaculture
Parth describing his infographic about relationship between coastal demographics & GDP

32130628_1719408241487143_2583965209899040768_oMagdalena Jaite leads the Book Branding workshop. This workshop imparts basic knowledge about book conception and design in terms of structure, layout and typography as well as target-oriented brand positioning of a book and its presentation. “Print is dead” people often say, even though it is not true at all. A movement has come up that strongly shifts towards the analog media. As people begin to value physicially owning things in our fleeting digital society, look and – more importantly – feel, they need more attention. This is why knowing how to create unique high quality books is crucial for designers nowadays.

Omar Ghandour presenting his book design
Photographs by DokuTeam.

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