Carolina Woortmann

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Hello people of the world, my name is Carolina Woortmann and I am from Brasilia, Brazil, the modernist and sometimes obscure capital city. I am a Graphic Designer with large working experience in cinema and different aspects of art-direction. I have also managed local bands in Brasilia as well as worked with managing and executing cultural events in design, music, arts and more.

Besides really enjoying to travel and experience new places and cultures, I am genuinely interested in people and all the many things that motivate and connect us.

My main focus in the MAID is to expand my skills and experience in design, specifically in graphic design and emphasizing on research and development of projects that are multifaceted, expansive and based on extensive research and conceptual development in an integrated approach. In this blog, I will show the projects developed in the Master and also hope to contribute with interesting information collected through the years here. My portfolio and a more detailed CV can be found here.

If you want to reach me, don’t hesitate to write me. I am available for work, friendship and sharing anything that is interesting in this world.


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