Eszter Nagy

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“People say that I am a hard worker. I can defend my opinions, but I am also willing to accept constructive criticism. I have organizational as well as social skills, I like to work in a team. Proper time management is an important quality of mine. Always welcoming new, interesting and stimulating projects. I accept and enjoy challenges”. – Eszter Nagy

Eszter was born in the French-speaking Switzerland in 1988. Grew up in Lugano, then moved to Italy and Finland for her studies. Her roots are, however, Hungarian. By this reason, she speaks four languages fluently.

She began her studies at the Art High School A. Frattini of Varese (Italy) and continued in a more technical and engineering direction at the Politecnico di Milano, where she got graduated from there in July 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Product Design. She studied also in Northern Finland, Rovaniemi. Those years broadened her knowledge in many fields and gave her advanced skills in various manual techniques, graphic tools and numerous softwares.

She gained working experience in various fields: as decorator, as Graphic Designer… She even worked in a factory dealing with mechanical components!


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