Zahra Beigi

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As we all know, every second that passes by, the people of the world become more connected and there are always new ways of communication created. Living in this connected multicultural world makes huge differences if compared to the past. We are not able to pass a minute without being related to the whole world, using international networks, multidisciplinary products and multicultural thoughts.

Nowadays the world steps forward through using the power, energy and inspirations that it gets from all of its inhabitants, so all of us as the inhabitants use the sources and innovations to live more effectively, simply and wisely. In this aspect, there are some who play special roles that affect these communications in a more highlighted style to create even newer ways; there are who are more influential through presenting new ideas, methods and concepts and who help to find the one language which would be understood by everyone. One of those specializations is the designer, to whom living in a global world brings many different ways of inspiration and when thinks and innovates openly, will have clients from around the globe. I have always appreciated this way of thinking and I have always wanted to be an effective part of it. I want to create, innovate, design and influence.

As a designer, visual artist and art instructor I have always been a fan of new things, new methods and new links. I have tried my best to step forward and change in a better way. Also, as a great fan of other cultures, I am hugely interested in finding common concepts and intersections between cultures. Knowing Persian as my mother tongue, English and French helped me to go deep in concepts and ideas, to find more links and to understand the world better.

The MAID at the Anhalt University, which reflects the historical values of the great Bauhaus, was my choice of study as another step forward. It provides me with an international and multidisciplinary space to study and to get more familiar with an international design atmosphere. I am learning German and I made friends from around the world.

I created this blog to share our world of design with you. It would be great if you share your world of design with us as well. I am looking forward for your comments and ideas, just send me an e-mail!


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