Hazar Marji

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Mid- twenties. Born and raised in Irbid, Jordan. The story started when she was in highschool. Being obsessed with black and white patterns and grid lines, she started wondering about the field she would find herself in later in life. She came to the conclusion that DESIGN is what she is most passionate about; therefore decided to continuously improve herself in the great knowledge of it.

Consequently, she was granted a full scholarship from the Ministry of Higher Education in Jordan, because of her excelling records at school. She pursued the dream of obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design at the Yarmouk University. She filled the position of a teacher and research assistant at the German Jordanian University, Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment, department of Design and Visual Communication as a part of the academic staff; interacting with the current students. “Get a piece of their mind, share some of mine!” she has always believed that design isn’t only about the practical application of it; it extends beyond this, to a broader sense, where the interaction with the students is a valid process of design.

She mainly took part in design studios and the assessment of students’ projects, where she implemented creative ideas that could successfully embody her personality as a designer as well as a person, making sure she is true to her own aesthetics, and to convey her point view to the student as well.

Now she is drawn to the MAID programme, aiming to achieve the goal of bringing new ideas towards the pattern and grid interaction between Eastern and Western cultures.


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