Shelley Woo

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Shelley was born in the city of Hong Kong in China. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and Product Design in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

She started her working career in 2009. She was working in product styling on consumer and toy electronics. With her design profession experience and study background, her work provided fundamental design principles on creating design from conceptual to production aspect. During her years on the labor, she felt that the success of work is more about teamwork and management with different departments. And in the design process, it is important to have a clear design direction or project brief, so that each member can contribute with their expertise. She still keeps this way of thinking.

Her thoughts when she arrived were that with the renowned Bauhaus history background, other than design studies, she and her colleagues could know more about the evolution of modern design with its legacy. And as the Integrated Design Program includes people from all over the world from multi-discipline, during the time of project discussion and sharing, the development of the design work through diverse perspectives can be triggered, helping to generate new knowledge.


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