Aaron Roselo

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Aaron is a Multidisciplinary Designer from Manila, Philippines. In 2008 he obtained his B.A. in Multimedia Arts & Information Design at the Ateneo de Manila University.

From 2008-2013, he has shifted through various design and digital marketing roles at one of the last surviving producers of analogue photography products, the Lomographic Society International (Lomography). During this time, he has worked closely with over 20 key markets from all over the globe managing high-visibility web campaigns for the brand – including three immensely successful projects via Kickstarter. In his 2011 sabbatical year, he obtained a certification in Digital Marketing from the Ateneo + Internet & Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines.

After his challenging five-year stint with Lomography, Aaron has been working as a freelance designer and consultant for a multitude of global brands and startups. He also continues to do product research & marketing for his family’s home décor export business, Paper Capers International.

He aims to further improve his design knowledge & productivity workflow via the MAID program during his stay in Germany.


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