Ghazal Tabandeh

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I was born and raised in Shiraz, a beautiful city located in south of Iran.
My journey in design started about 14 years ago. I consider myself a designer although I have studied architecture. I graduated with a master’s degree in Architecture in 2010, but eventually, decided to change my career field into design where I found a wider spectrum of options for extending one’s creativity. 
Over the past few years, I have worked as an architect, graphic/product/furniture designer, researcher and freelancer.
I am very interested in incorporating different concepts from various fields of design and inviting people as participants to take over roles in defining new ideas out of these issues. More importantly, I am always looking for meaning in a work of Art.
It seems to me that the MAID program (Dessau-Model) is a vast and flexible design program, giving the students the opportunity to experiment in different fields of design simultaneously. The workshops are well-equipped and the professors come from various fields of expertise and have different backgrounds. The course is open & provides a high learning capacity.

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