Omer Asim

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Hello, I am a Graphic Designer from Karachi, Pakistan.  I completed my B.A. in graphic design from University of Karachi, Department of Visual Studies.

After completing my degree I worked in an international newspaper based in Karachi known as “The Express Tribune” partners with The International New York Times as an editorial designer/Infographic designer. I also did internship in a magazine based in Karachi “Newsline Magazine” and also worked as a volunteer graphic design intern in an NGO called “The Citizen archive of Pakistan (CAP)”.

Besides design I’m part of an experimental music duo “6LA8” and have been making music for past 5 years. Music is very important to me just like design, and I like to experiment and come up with unique sounds which probably people haven’t heard before. I want to link both of these disciplines; design & music and explore/discover something interesting and new. Music has taught me a lot about the process of creativity, in every album we put focus on the process we never know what would be the outcome of it but that’s the interesting part: It always comes out fruitful if the process is strong and full of energy. Boring process=boring result, that’s my philosophy of anything that has to do with creativity.

As a designer I want to keep digging, not limiting myself to one specific design discipline. That’s what we are learning in the MAID program. Once I graduate and obtain my masters in Integrated Design, I am looking forward to experiment with my skill set and apply it in the industry.


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