Verónica Rivera

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Verónica is a Graphic Designer, born and raised in Maracaibo, the sunniest city in Venezuela. Most of her experience is related to organizing and producing design events, branding and crafts.

She enjoys making handmade illustrations and sewing every now and then. She finds inspiration in bright colors, patterns and textures, especially if they are presented all together in an unusual combination. She is quite decent at writing, at least in Spanish. She’s definitely not great at cooking -but pretty good at eating. And to keep herself together, she practices meditation and runs few times per week.

Before moving to Berlin in 2014, she was doing research and writing articles about design trends in her city and was under the process of starting to work as a freelancer. That led her to a teaching position in a Print Media Design Diplomat, when she helped students to prepare their portfolios, creating invoices for clients and dealing with meetings and budgets.

From the MAID, she hopes she can learn from her classmates to get a wider vision about the role of design in different parts of the world. Other than that, she thinks her first year in Germany taught her to expect the unexpected. She’s interested in continuing to do research while keeping a global perspective about design. She would like to be involved in international projects and events that promote the exchange of ideas and improve communication between different cultures.


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