Hammad Saleem

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Hi, I am Hammad From Lahore, Pakistan. I had been working as an Art Director for some of the leading brands in Pakistan for the past 10 years. Given that sometimes this kind of work becomes more about the unreasonable deadlines and the brand guidelines and not so much about creativity.

Ironically, I learned most of what I know about graphic design after school, in my free time during the long working hours. That’s where I was introduced to giants like Paul Rand, David Carson, Stefan Sagmeister and many more. Seeing their work introduced me to completely new avenue and paths and I realized how much more forms of art the world has to offer.

Designers are first and foremost citizens of the world and though they don’t necessarily have solutions to all problems they see around them but they definetly are problem solvers as they give messages and ideas to the masses. this being a huge responsibility motivated me to learn more, and help me in contributing more to the society.