Kushtrim Hamzaj

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Kushtrim Hamzaj comes from Kosovo. He is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator and holds a BA in Graphic Design from University of Prishtina (Kosovo) UP. Over the past five years he has been working as graphic designer for web and print media companies located in capital city of Kosovo.

After he graduated in 2014, Kushtrim felt that he needed a brand new experience to broaden his ways of thinking about design and life in general. Something that will truly test his abilities to create, communicate and innovate. After two months in MAID 15 Kushtrim feels that he is in the right path to achieve those goals.

Since the beginning of his career Kushtrim has been more interested in Typography, Illustration and Graphic Design. But he is excited to become a real INTEGRATER by experimenting with other fields of design as well.