Project by Christophera Lucius.

The capacity of working memory decreases as we age. In the 40s we start to notice subtle changes in our ability to remember. Studies identified that brain training minimizes age-related changes and supports everyday memory function. Brain training can be improved by various challenging activities such as playing memory games.

RE-CORD is designed for people in their 20’s to train remembering objects on a routine or daily basis. According to the fact that states that human memory retains images in a better way than verbal or written information, RE-CORD uses a visualization and association technique that allows us to convert the information into easy-to-remember mental pictures. When creating the mental images, we naturally repeat the details until we get each image clear in our mind.

RE-CORD is strategically based on a classic memory game. The objects of the game are a mix and match of objects on our daily basis. The objects are applied to give us a remedy to stop forgetting everyday things. Based on different ways of how we remember things, RE-CORD provides some strategies to involve picturing in our mind.

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