A Barcelona Tale

Barcelona was a vitalizing experience for our Winter Semester. It is a city full of design, architecture and the marvelous flavour of tapas that we had the luck to visit from the 14th to the 18th of November.

The story begins with planning the trip. We had to form groups to investigate places that would be interesting for the whole group to visit. We divided then the trip into topics that each group would lead on a specific day, which were City Tour (Clara, Laura, Gui, Fight, Yifan and Faris), Museums (Juan, Hazar, Marta, Phera, Shelley, Julianna) and Studios/Universities (Priscila, Mohammad, Ahmad, Agyenim).

When everything was settled, we took the plane on November 14th from Berlin. We arrived at night in Barcelona, a bit tired but very eager to get to know the city with our fellow colleagues and accompanied by Prof. Carmen Luippold, Prof. Uwe Gellert and Prof. Maria Fountoukis, we started looking for a place to eat some tapas! After having dinner successfully, we went back to the hotel for some good night sleep.

The tour to take was around the city, on the 15th of November. We met before at the hotel roof lounge with an incredible view of the city. The City Tour team made Barceloneta beach the first point to visit, where we spent the time taking some sun (that we really needed 🙂 )and having fun.

We made a pit stop for food around the Barceloneta market, where we had the chance to taste the very tradition of Barcelona’s Culinaire. After that, we were supposed to catch a tour with a company, but, unfortunately, we were late… So the City Tour team decided to leave the rest of the afternoon free for visiting places that we had a particular interest on. Some headed to the Sagrada Familia, some others to the city center and the emblematic constructions by Antoni Gaudí, and the rest headed to the legendary Camp Nou soccer stadium.

The next day (Nov. 16th) was for visiting museums and exhibitions. The Museum team organized the schedule by having first the Mies Van der Rohe pavilion. With an awesome introduction given by the guide, we were able to spend some time exploring the building, the reasons of its location and its meaning. We went afterwards to the right beside Bellas Arts Palace and its surroundings.

Then we took the Metro to go to grab something to eat at La Boquería market, but, sadly for us, it was closed since it was Sunday. So having just a snack around, we decided to divide the group into two: one part would attend the Big Data exhibition at the CCCM and the other part would visit the Picasso Museum. To end the day with a cherry on top, those who didn’t visit the Sagrada Familia before, had the opportunity to do it this time, witnessing the nice night view of the cathedral. Additionally, there was a small excursion to the Casa Batlló. emblematic construction that we had the luck to have on the same street in which our hotel was located.

On November 17th, the Universities Team organized the day to go first to the BAU to get to know the method of their Master programs and their workshops; then we splitted, one team would go to Elisava school and the other one would visit Vasava Studio, one of the most well-known design studios in Spain. In both places, we were delighted to compare how Design is taught and worked. After these visits, the Universities Team decided to give the rest of the day for free activities as it was our last day there in the sunny Barcelona.

The professors organized a farewell casual dinner in which we enjoyed tapas and wine along with a nice outdoors environment sponsored by the restaurant when they provided us with blankets and a fireplace to make the evening even cozier and more lovely. 🙂

The next day we had to wake up early to reach the airport, to get back to the rainy Berlin and then take a train to Dessau… To keep in our memories Barcelona, its design and its flavors.