Project by: Juan García, Hazar Marji, Passakorn Chantanakorn & Guilherme Förster.

For our Studio class, from which the main topic was the Future of Travel, we decided to focus on the technology that can influence the way we experience flights. Therefore, our concept is an integral development of a new way to travel.

Air is a company that takes the flight experience to the next generation, applying the latest technologies available in the market into the air company industries.
With our research and products, we are willing to bring new discussions and questions about the flight experience today and in the future.

Today we are proud to present to the market our new features such as the tele-recognition check-in, a procedure to check you in from the moment you walk into the airport; the Retinal-function costumes will get rid of all analog documents; our smart passenger placing system that allows our tourist class to experience a good night sleep during the whole trip; and for our special customers we provide the transparent intelligent ticket, a luxurious high-tech item that serves as an information panel as well as a gift card.

With this new concept of air traveling, we aim to change the whole flight process forever.

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