Aquatic Risk

Project by Achmad Razzaq, Julianna Cheung and Agnieska Milewska (visiting Erasmus student).

The topic of the Future of Travel during our Studio drove us to think about unexplored boundaries by men. And those are right in the depths of our blue planet: the oceans. We decided to create an awareness like travel to discover the mutations that can probably be discovered in a couple of years by human pollution.

Ocean is the next frontier of exploration as underwater knowledge needs to catch up with the advances in space. The idea is to encourage and attract people to the interesting world of ocean exploration to exhibit the findings of new creatures that in the end will be useful for science and new sources of food or energy.

Our idea is to project what human race has done to the marine environment after several incidents such as the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster, the British Petroleum oil leaks in the Gulf of Mexico or plethora of garbage in the Pacific Ocean and to create awareness that, perhaps, there will be a transformation of the sea life. By showing the transformation of fishes, we can reflect to ourselves whether if it is right to keep polluting the nature or doing an improvement to our behavior.

The 21st century is the best time to focus on ocean travelling because the advances in technology can make it supportable and it is required for us to find new sources of energy and food to improve the condition of the Earth, since this ocean area remains unexplored. On the other hand, the living things inside the ocean could be also hard to consume or even can become dangerous because what human race did in the past decades by polluting the ocean.

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