Clarius Locum

Project by: Marta Kazimierczak.

Clarius Locum is a space of surreal, hand-made bathroom, where visitors (patients) stand alone. They can see their physical visualisation of critical – inner thoughts straight forward: “You are fat, a loser” written on a mirror, or “You are stupid” coming out from the sink. This space is a representation of person’s mind, with a constant presence of an exaggerated criticism.

The treatment of Clarius Locum targets the active participation of the patient, by allowing them to change the scenography with hidden, movable positive messages. It shows that patients have a choice: to change their way of living, making an effort and having the will to change.

Clarius Locum helps to realize the existing critical inner thoughts. These are thoughts that people might have acquired in childhood, by constantly receiving critical comments from influential adults, like parents or teachers. In some cases, people might continue this criticism towards themselves on their own, in adult life. Critical inner thoughts are manifested by constant doubts in self-value. They discourage people to live their lives as they want and prevent them from taking positive risks and, therefore, hinders them to go for their dreams.

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