Classy Elderly

Project by: Passakorn Chantanakorn.

Classy Elderly® is a physical reminder that helps elderly patients to recall important every day and health-related tasks in a classy way.

It consists of a range of diligently designed badges that remind patients of different aspects of daily health care activities, such as taking medicine, drinking sufficient water and doing exercise. It also reminds patients of different aspects of regular daily activities, e.g. meetings, phone calls, go to post office, shopping and attending doctor’s appointments. Moreover, Classy Elderly® provides also motivational badges, which consist of motivating words, such as awesome, rock and yolo. These badges do not only motivate and encourage patients but can also be used as a task divider. The badges can be carried as pendants for necklaces or as keychains.

The classy design of the product not only turns the negative emotions they face when recognizing their forgetfulness into positive emotions, but also gives them more confidence
and proudness.

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