Project by Shelley Woo, Faris Haddad, Marta Kazimierczak & Agyenim Boateng.

Our Studio project about the Future of Travel goes into the field of intelligent gelatinized aid for making better decisions to travel.

In the future, human mobility will increase and databases will grow exponentially due to human engagement within social networks to an exorbitant amount. Processing data information will become progressively a human challenge and these vast amount of data hampers our decision-making. This is why we offer Datamine, the candy that helps to filter big data and to make better individual travel choices without hesitation and confusion.

Scientific research has proven that the neurotransmitter called dopamine is released by the nerve cells of the middle brain. It is projected on the frontal cortex and influences our interaction with big data during decision making. Based on this idea, Datamine will be produced by highly specialized scientists in our safe Datamine factory.

We detect your personal preference patterns based on your online behavior, we follow the traces you leave on the Internet and the GPS data of your mobile device, thus we can decide your unique online code–your digital DNA. This database gets translated into a personalized chemical substance: Datamine. Enriched with Dopamin–a neurotransmitter that hits the decision-making area of the brain– we customize a personal decision-making-jellypop.

Whenever you struggle with your virtual or analog travel when it comes to finding the right destination, picking the proper food, finding your best route, etc. , Datamine will help you to do it confidently your way and so make your life easier.

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