Project by Clara Olivero, Laura Mascarenhas & Priscila Zuazo.

The main topic of our Studio was The Future of Travel. How can we imagine that travelling will be affected by technology in the future? We were drawn to think about memories because they conform the personal souvenirs that one takes back home after a trip. After doing research on the feasibility of memory preservation and visual brainstorming of the character of the project, we came up with the concept of Ephemories.

Today we are prone to capture every single moment of our lives without having in mind the necessity of living the moments. Ephemories is a project that not only accepts the ephemeral blurry character of memory, but also proposes a different concept for memory preservation in the future.

The project seeks the real involvement of the traveller with the trip by showing how special those once-in-a-lifetime moments could actually be. It finds an abstract though tangible way to play with the senses and the memories that are stored in our brain and filtering only those ones that really matter by revealing a memory only once you can really appreciate how unique and special certain moments are.

Ephemories transforms the most remarkable memories of a trip into physical souvenirs that, just as the memory, are ephemeral. By using a pillow after their trip, the users will be able to download their memories into a cloud that later on, will send the most remarkable memory in the form of physical souvenir. Depending on the users’ experience, different souvenirs are created: smells, sounds or visuals. The memory can only be reproduced once after the packaging is opened which emphasizes how unique and special certain moments are.

Perhaps the future won’t be only about technological development. Instead we will ‘take a step back’ and learn again the appreciation of the past.

Here you can see the official video for the project and the making of.

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