Project by Mohammad Al-Deek, Ahmad Mansee & Priscila Zuazo.

During the research for Design Therapy, the team came across with the problem of workaholism, which is, basically, people who are addicted to work. Between the several symptoms detected, the one that spot the team’s special attention was the total inability to relax. Therefore, the team relied on aromatherapy to develop a design solution: Evokandle.

Evokandle is a brand of layered aromatic candles created with a specially picked combination of scents to improve mood, promote a sense of relaxation and relieve anxiety, stress, and depression. Each scent has a colour so the patient can relate it easily, and create combinations by Evokandle specialists’ suggestions, stated on aromatherapy.

Each candle has the shape of a pill, and so the package was designed as a plastic blister to keep 6 candles. Apart from the candles and the blister, a base for lighting them was included, to complete the treatment. Also a website was planned so the patient could customize the scents and order the candles online.

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