Favaran Festival

Project by Zahra Beigi & Linda Kühne.

The Favaran Festival is an independent Iranian film festival located in Damavand, Iran (approximately 40 km to the Northeast of Teheran). Damavand city is located at the feet of Mount Damavand, a silent volcano. On one hand, the city is very silent and inactive, without any special cultural or artistic events; and on the other hand, throughout history, Iranian cinematographers, despite all restrictions and censorships, have been creative enough to find their way.

We want to create a festival that shows those Iranian films smart enough to avoid censorship, but that still show emotional stories and ask critical questions. Not only are Iranians invited, but an international audience is welcomed. Therefore, all movies will have subtitles.

The volcano, where the city is located, is the perfect symbol for the stories that lay under the surface and want to break out without being restricted. In the trailer, we show three different stories, which are full of meanings and Iranian symbols. All these represent the Iranian people, their lives and their culture.

Since Iran is a very colorful country, we used the colorful painted backgrounds and we will filled them with a lot of patterns that give the trailer a Middle Eastern mood. In the end of the trailer, the volcano erupts, and all those stories that always wanted to be told but could not, are breaking out of the underground. Our festival offers a break-out to film artists all over Iran.

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