Fi’s Academy for Superheroes

Project by Deniz Baghery, Andrea Cuellar, Estefania Eid, and Guilherme Martinez under Profs. Uwe Gellert and Carmen Luippold

Fi’s Academy of Superheroes is an interactive experience for eight to ten years old kids with asthma, on which they will learn to take early action or reduce the severity of an asthma attack.

This program follows the guidelines of an action plan for parents and due to this is divided in three stages. In the first stage, kids will learn about the concept of trigger and what happens inside their bodies when it enters their respiratory system. In the second, they will get familiar with the different types of inhalers and when to use them, according to the situation, attacks or prevention. Finally, the third stage will encourage them to identify healthy and unhealthy elements that could worsen or make their asthma less severe.

At the beginning of this experience each kid will get a notebook that complements every stage. The kid can collect points, take notes, and share his and his family´s contact information with others going through the same situation. This will give them the opportunity to interact with each other, creating a network of kids and parents that can support each other.

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