Good good lovin

Project by: Renata Kuramshina & Inna Soboleva.

The chosen song was Good Good Lovin by the “Godfather of Soul, Father of Funk and a Major figure of 20th-century popular music”, James Joseph Brown.
But, is it possible to visualize a song just by the font? With different letters size, underlines, colors, accents, etc., it’s possible; nevertheless, each one of us will have their own impression from songs. That’s why the idea was to leave the emotional part to the listener and to show just the dynamics of the song.
In the final poster, the lyrics can be seen wrapped around the circles made by the hand-drawing. So the reader can understand the rhythm of fun, a mixture of soul and jazz, de-emphasizing melody and harmony and bringing a strong rhythmic groove of electric bass and drums to the foreground. The handwriting makes it more alive and personal. The poster on the top has the exact same copy but on a transparent paper shifted on 2 mm, which adds more action effect to the lyrics. Underneath the poster there were some cards with our “emotional colors”.

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