Hop on the Fly

Project by Tamani Hamburg, Paula Teixeira, Donya Hajizadeh and Huy vu Duc under professor Uwe Gellert and Petra Müller-Csernetzsky.

Being the Travel and Tourism a highly energy-intensive industry, the sector has attracted attention as an important contributor to climate change through greenhouse gas emissions. This is mainly due to the intensive presence of air transport: In an average trip involving aeroplanes, 60-95% of its contribution to global warming will be caused by the flight itself.

With that in mind, the aim of this project was to empower travellers to be active agents towards reducing their flights’ CO² impact. In the beginning, an ecosystem map was created to identify the main agents in the aviation industry, followed by the definition of a persona and their journey as a traveller, always focusing on our main point of intervention – the CO2 emissions. These tools helped us identify the main pain-points and constantly reshape our problem statement, value proposition, and to further develop our prototypes.

screeen copy copy


The proposed solution is called Greenfly, a platform that allows travellers to book last-minute flights using leftover seats that would otherwise fly empty, thus making the airline industry more efficient. Greenfly went through a feasibility study, considering the current sociological, political, economic, technological and environmental factors. A final business plan was proposed, with an evaluation of costs to develop and implement the solution with a marketing strategy.


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