i, the AI pill

Project by Mohammad Al-Deek, Priscila Zuazo & Faris Haddad.

The topic during our 4D class was to imagine how Artificial Intelligence will influence (positively or negatively) human life in the year 2050. Our concept is i.

i is an Artificial Intelligence pill that once swallowed is able to see what’s going on inside our bodies, telling us and letting us listen through special organic earbuds, in real time, the secrets that our organism holds… Are you ready to listen to the truth? A prime technology of the year 2050.

Under this premise, the aid that AI can provide to the human race in 2050 can be an unexpected mixture of truth and play, with ups and downs in emotions. Truth can hurt when it’s told without barriers and with someone – or something – opening it in a very insensible way can be disturbing, moreover, when it has to do with something personal and unique as our body. i is able to scan every single organism inside us, from cells going through bacteria and fungi, until reading emotions according to special nanobots that can interpret the heartbeats to tell exactly what are we feeling. i will ask the patient in a sarcastic way (but already knowing the answers) about his feelings, and will give flat comments on situations we would rather consider as bad, though, she has the ability to get surprised and overwhelmed by the always intriguing container of her creators.

The mixture of sound consists in recording house-made sounds underwater, following the principle of the Kunstkopf to give the users the experience of something happening inside their body. The i voice was thought to be annoyingly soft and unpredictable, human-like, but tending to be still part machine.Here you can listen (better with earbuds) to the final audio mix for the project:

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