Project by Agyenim Boateng.

Imke is a portable bee hive combined with a flower box for your living space. The bee-magnets (blue, violet, yellow and white coloured flowers) attract bees to enter the bee hive hole. The bees will enter the hive when the internal hive components are waxed with sweet smelling bee wax to build combs and a colony within the removable comb slot and pollen box.

Seize Imke to ease the ailment or uneasiness of co-habiting with beneficial insects like bees, making yourself ready to squeeze some honey out of the bee combs for your bread and tea. With Imke on your garden fence or balcony balustrade, you have in handy the most effective remedy for relieving co-habitatis.

Use Imke as long as you intend. Just keep it clean. Smear the hive with some melted beeswax, so that it smells nice for bees. You can also catch some bees (especially queen bees) and put them into Imke to attract bees after waxing hives. If you still don’t have the bees in Imke it is best to seek help from an experienced Imker. Plant blue, violet, yellow and white magnet flowers in the flower box. Store in warm weather conditions under a shade with moderate moisture. During very moist, wet and snowy weather conditions it is advisable to store under a protective shed. Ensure the hives are free from any pests. Hives should be sited under a shade.

Imke comes in a combination of purple and green colures on the outside, it is rectangular with dimensions of length 400 x 100 x 300 mm.

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