Inner Shadow

Project by Ghazal Tabandeh and Liana Lessa under Lisa Stybor, and was presented during the video art festival PPC’s PoP Up Kino #8 in January 2016.

Inner Shadow is a conceptual video art trying to depict the experience of people dealing with mental conflicts such as depression, schizophrenia, autism, etc. The work has been developed on the concept of “foreign” as part of the MAID fine art course at Hochschule Anhalt, Department of Design.

The video was selected as the first work screened in Berlin and Paris, during the video art festival PPC’s PoP Up Kino #8, in January 2016.

There are times when you seem as a stranger to yourself. The unbearable experience of being foreigner inside then turns to an everlasting struggle that breaks down your everyday life.

The journey of dealing with a mental burden is long and mind-numbing. Carrying the heavy load of a mind jam composed of many racing thoughts could easily lead to bewilderment and frustration and might even threaten a person’s life.

Though, it is important to know that learning to cope with your inner alien is an entirely feasible task, requiring a great deal of patience and effort.

Ghazal Tabandeh (Concept, Storyboard, Sound Design)
Liana Lessa (Visual Effects)
Nicola Brockmann (Dance Performance, Choreography)

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