Kinnara and Rairified by Oroshi Industries

Project by Elena Penni, Stuart Miller, Murat Beran Erdogan, Sarang Oh, and Andres Quintero under Profs. Uwe Gellert and Carmen Luippold

Oroshi Industries is a startup company working towards making it easier to live in the lethally polluted world of 2050, where air pollution can cause permanent damage within minutes and death within a few hours. By combining cutting edge technology and advanced plant based hardware, we have created a system which both protects and enriches your life.

Our primary solution is called the Kinnara, a flying personal air-filtration system which uses genetically engineered moss to remove pollutants from the air. Many times less intrusive than a mask, and much more effective, the Kinnara uses soundless rotors to hover above you as you move. By making use of different air pressures, the Kinnara passes clean filtered air downwards to form an air membrane around your head, ensuring an uninterrupted and uncontaminated supply of air to breathe, without affecting your ability to communicate.

The Kinnara can also seamlessly integrate with Rairfied, our exclusive range of premium bottled air from the last remaining clean air regions on earth, such as Cape Aghulas in South Africa, Mitre Point in New Zealand and Stekenjokk in Sweden. Real-time satellite data is monitored closely to find pockets of unpolluted air around the world, and collection teams are immediately dispatched to ensure the air is harvested for use in Rairfied bottles. All Rairfied bottles come with organic material native to the source region, meaning that you will experience all of the delicate nuances that the world’s purest air has to offer. By coupling the Kinnara and Rairfied, you can enjoy the luxury of truly pure, exotic air in your own home, on your own terms.

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