Lemon Tree

Students: Linda Kühne, Alexander Lech, Leonardo Penaranda, Natalia Lazarashvili

In a team of four people we visualized the song “Lemon Tree” from Fools Garden through a pop-up poster. The song “Lemon Tree” from Fools Garden contains a big contrast. On the one side it it very depressed in the lyrics because the girlfriend of the singer just left him. On the other side it is very happy in the melody. He always compares the happy past with the sad present. The contrast is shown also in the symbol of the lemon tree. We figured out, that the tree stands for his relationship with which both people are growing in their personalities. But the fruits are lemons, which are bitter and sour. As we found out the meaning of lemons, it shows the same, it is a very paradox fruit: the color is yellow which is bright and happy, the fresh smell is positive too, but the taste turns out to be bitter. So you can say the lemon stands for things that are not always what they seem. The lyrics show a very clear structure: Almost every sentence starts with “I” followed by a verb and a noun.

Our concept was to create a pop-up card which is foldable. The main letter is the “I” which will stand out and symbolizes the bole of the tree. The lyrics are arraged around it. We wanted to work with the colors black, white and yellow.