Little Big Dreamers

Project by Saif Alam Khan, Isel Vega Ramos, Noor Tahir Dar and Mauricio Sosa Noreña under professor Uwe Gellert and Petra Müller-Csernetsky.


Currently, in Germany nearly 2.7 million students attending Grundschule await a decision that would alter the course of their lives, segregating them based on metrics. This project is an endeavour to provide our children with a possibility to discover their passions and empower their choices by fostering creativity.

This project was positioned to tackle and alleviate the current process of selection at Grundschulen in Germany. Adopting design methodologies to intervene, the process evolved the project focus towards empowering children to collect their ‘wonders’ in a safe space; bringing back the joy of learning to develop self-recognition and creativity.

Problem Definition (PD):
“How might we develop a solution for Lina to
empower her imagination in order to discover

Exploration and Process:
The project kicked-off with a Design Space Exploration (DSE), to understand the roles and impacts of all key actors involved. Insights were then developed via qualitative and quantitative research in form of Ecosystem, Journey maps, questionnaires, interviews and literature review. The insights from our research manifested into the Critical Functioning Prototype (CFP), which explored the dynamic of inspiration and creative choice.

Feeding the insights from CFP test results, the PD was revised to trifurcate into three Dark Horse Prototype(s) (DHP), which carried the essence of choice, action, and experience. The insights from DHP(s) tests were combined to create the Funky Prototype (FP1), which when testing with children at a local Grundschule revealed ‘secret’, ‘space’, ‘morphing’, ‘story’ as insights. This greatly aided the project and propelled it towards a more analogue solution.

A brief SWOT and PESTEL analysis refined FP1 to yield a Functional Prototype (FP2) in form of a geodesic dome structure that folded into a book. The X-is Finished Prototype (XFP) was a 1:1 structurally simplified revision of the dome. It was further honed to result in the illustrious Final Prototype (FP3) in which the final material,
dimensional, and graphical properties were embodied and manufactured.


Value Proposition (VP):
“The solution empowers Lina to use her
imagination; to create, feel and experience her own secure world.“



























Little Big Dreamers

“We are the only design agency with a storybook that can be lived in, by entering a world of your
own creation, for children aged 7-10 in Germany. In order to unfold their imagination and creativity
in a digital era, where children miss out on real-world
experiences due to over-exposure to screen based devices”


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