Material Lab: BioMechanics

Projects by  Macarena ÁlamosMarcela González & Malinee Kulrakumpusiri under Prof. Lola Güldenberg

During the course, students of the Biomechanics Material Lab made a series of experiments in which they observed different reactions of living elements at their disposal. The concept behind these experiments was to find new ideas for products by linking living with nonliving materials.

Each of the students made different experiments with different purposes. One of these experiments tried to insert pieces of metal on bamboo branches in order to explore the possibilities of developing jewelry. Another experiment is trying to mix paper fibres with agar-agar to explore the possibility of growing plants on it.

Certainly, each of the experiments showed very different results than the ones expected. The laboratory methodology began with the observation of various biological processes, and then the end result is the design of new material products.

Projects included proposals to develop new bio products, such as “Flongus” by Marcela Gonzalez, “Biomechanics font_lab” by Macarena Alamos and “Bio Motor Hacking” by Malinee Kulkampusiri.

Biomechanics Pouster-1 Biomechanics Pouster-2

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