Project by Antonina Kozlova, Tiago Cunico Volpato,  Laura Gutiérrez and Cansu Kipirdi under professor Uwe Gellert and Petra Müller-Csernetzky.


Memoriall is a memory sharing platform for the exchange of video stories between locals and tourists about the places they feel at home, in order to generate mutual interest.

Context: During the summer of 2017, a great number of protests against mass tourism happened in several cities across Europe. As tourist numbers increase year after year, the social consequences of this problem have become a major concern for policymakers.

How it works:

The platform has two sides: one featuring the stories of tourists and the other of locals. The interface offers a possibility to record your own story after each video is played.


The shape of the structure is designed to resemble a house to support the idea of unity
and tolerance among locals and tourists. The back side has a black wooden panel for people to scratch their memories into.


The structure is itinerary and is made of light materials: wood panels and a steel frame. Two touch screens and a sound system are used. It is to be established in crowded places around the city: train stations, marketplaces, busy squares.

memoriall black and white




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