Project by: Zahra Beigi, Ivana Bojovic & Linda Kühne.

Can you imagine a near future where people are breeding insects in their home? How would they be farmed? How would they be harvested? And how would they be eaten?
As a result of our extensive research on entomology, we learned that insects can be easily farmed to cater for our nutritional needs. They don’t need much space, they are environmentally friendly and they spawn and grow very fast. They would provide us a great source of protein and their taste is said to be delicious.

How can we overcome the taboo of insect-eating the Western world?
Our insect farm is a box-shaped machine called “Entoon” which completely conceals its crawly inhabitants. It is hanging about two meters above the ground. It breeds, kills and harvests the insects without us having to engage. The lower level of the box processes your home grown livestock into an edible and highly nutritious powder which is transported into cocoon-shaped objects hanging from the box. Here, the actual metamorphosis is taking place: The cocoons transform the powder into cubes which can be harvested from an opening when they have reached maturity. These cubes are eaten with a special cutlery.

The project’s objective is to encourage a debate about alternative sources of food. The metamorphosis should not only happen in the cocoons of our machine, but also in the minds of people.

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